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Plastic Coated Commercial Swing Chain (Pair)

ships in 2-4 weeks
Commercial Grade:
Jensen Plastic Coated Commercial Swing Chains
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Provide additional detail and safety with Plastic Coated Swing chains with PVC coated plastic. All commercial grade and available in Blue - Red - Green - Yellow. Pre-cut to standard commercial use lengths of 5'6" (toddler length) and 8'6" (standard commercial length).  PVC coating is 4-feet of overall chain length. The remaining, upper portion of the chain is not coated. Keep fingers safe with commercial-grade plastic coated swing chains for belt seats, toddler bucket seats, and tire swings.  Chains sold/priced in pairs. You receive two chains per order. 

  • Commercial Grade Lengths: 5'6" - typical toddler swing chain length 8'6" - standard commercial swing frame length
  • Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green 
  • Best Used for: Schools - elementary and primary grades Public-use playgrounds of any size City Parks Church swing sets Campground swings or tire swings  
  • Sku/Item No. C-127x2 = 5'6" length - Pair Sku/Item No. C-125x2 = 8'6" length - Pair
Jensen Swing Products, Inc. warranties all materials and workmanship for one (1) year, excluding vandalism, misuse or abuse, alterations and/or modifications, dents, scratches, fading, normal wear or tear, improper installation and lack of maintenance. Any claim under this warranty must be filed within one year of date of original purchase, and must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice or invoice number. This warranty does not cover the cost of removing and/or installation of the replacements provided under the warranty. We will honor the warranty if the product has been assembled and installed according to the specifications and installation instructions on our website at which is on every packing list with every order. If product is found to be defective, Jensen Swing Products, Inc. will replace the product for the customer at no charge to the customer. Customer agrees to return original part to Jensen Swing Products. Any shipping shortages should be noted at the time of delivery and reported to Jensen Swing Products, Inc, within 24 hours. A copy of the original invoice must accompany all claims. Jensen Swing Products, Inc. 619-258-8300 / fax 619-258-7429