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Toddler Swings

Swinging allows a child to develop coordinated movements. It is almost impossible to teach a child how to swing. Through lots of practice and the motion of moving back and forth, they are successful in learning how to make a swing move. An area of development we don’t really think about too much is our sensory system. Our sensory system is how our brain is organized and interprets information. This is the system that allows us to regulate our bodies when the environment is loud, quiet, has a strange smell, etc. It allows us to cope in a variety of different situations.

Swinging is one of the best activities for young children to develop their sensory system. When a child swings, they are developing their ability to adapt to different sensations. 

Noah's Park & Playgrounds offers toddler swings of all shapes and sizes to accommodate your playground site needs. If there is a type of toddler swing you are looking for that isn't on our website, just contact us and we are happy to help!