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Shan Shepherd

National Sales Manager, Owner


As the founder, and co-owner, Shan maintains his original vision for Noah’s: Provide quality playground equipment and park amenities at competitive prices, and give the best service in the industry.

Shan has spent 17 years in this fun business; creating and developing over 700 playgrounds and park settings. He would agree that working with all three of his children in the early years was a great way to start, what has become, an outstanding enterprise. Now, along with family, Shan is proud to say “We have lots of other great employees most of whom, I would adopt if I could. From sales to installation, I enjoy every aspect of the business.”

Born and raised in Edmond, OK, Shan knows how to run a business, avoid tornados, cool off at the lake, drive a Bobcat, play a mean game of tennis, scuba dive, and build almost anything……. all the while depending on the grace of Jesus to accomplish everything!

The best thing about being a part of the Noah’s team:

“Noah’s Park has the most fun-loving office in the world. Willing to try anything at least once has helped us get where we are. Our folks are more than playground professionals. We are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends and grandparents……… just like you, our customers. I believe I was led to start Noah’s Park, and am more than blessed to work with all those who put up with me on a day-to-day basis!!”

Ask him about:

Working with family and friends while maintaining sanity! The staff knows Shan is a man of many talents and would also encourage you to ask him about 1960’s garage bands, building cars from kits, and the clothing or “rag” business. He tells us, so we just want you to know you can ask him about these things too.

His Favorite Projects:

See what our customers are saying about Shan:

“Noah's made the whole experience good and exciting. Loved the personal testimony that Shan shared with us.”- Kay with New Heights Baptist Church