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Artificial Turf Playground Safety Surfacing

Approx. price of $14-$20 per sq ft. Varies with location and quantity. Submit quote below for pricing and freight cost

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Artificial Turf
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The science and manufacturing of Artificial Turf has come a long way the last decade or so. Nowadays it looks and feels very real and lasts so much longer. And with Artificial Turf, the ability to expand and create an interactive playground that is unlike any schoolyard surface you've ever seen is very good.

The benefits of Artificial Turf:

  • Vibrant, long lasting colors (more than just green!)
  • Cooler surface temperatures for playgrounds and athletic fields
  • Revitalize existing dirt-lots, asphalt or concrete areas that are not being used
  • Soft and forgiving to the touch - not the stiff, hard turf of decades past
  • Far less expensive than concrete or asphalt (and nicer looking of course)
  • Eliminate water and pesticide run off
  • Can be customized to match your school colors
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Create permanent, separate play or sports zones with different colors or lines
Environment & Human Welfare: AmeriTurf provides itself on delivering unique synthetic grass products to the marketplace and relying on proven laboratory testing methods to ensure all components of our synthetic grass systems are safe for both human-welfare & environment. All components of our turf & systems have an EPA certified as well as California Prop 65 laboratory certified & tested for all heavy metal content. This includes complete bioavailability of every component over it's expected life-time. These test procedures are the most accurate for heavy metal content analysis & should not be confused with less subtle procedure that yield false and varying numbers such as X-Ray Florescence & Lead-Wipe tests. All testing may be provided upon request. Finally, take notice that our entire playground systems are designed to National Standards and are tested to meet the latest ASTM requirements for playground safety. Quality & Integrity: Finally, all AmeriTurf products and system components are manufactured in Austin, TX. USA and meet the most stringent of manufacturing requirements. All turf products and fiber systems are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 QS quality systems, not offered by any other US turn manufacturer. Lastly, all of our fibers have been tested to meet/comply & supersede strict industry & sport testing procedures to insure superior color stay, and impeccable wear characteristics. Truth in Manufacturing: Please feel free to contact AmeriTurf if you have any further questions regarding our products and services. We invite you to know the truth about all available products on the open market and compare ours to the competition...superior products by AmeriTurf Systems Inc. USA