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Themed & Specialty Shades

The Specialty designs are innovative modular structures for those seeking to differentiate their venue with a statement shade structure. Emphasizing aesthetics, these shade structures are tailored for a heightened architectural look.

If you want to put together the perfect shade area for a park, fair, business, pool, or any other outdoor commercial area, polygon shade structures are unparalleled flexibility. In locations where a center column does not work, such as a park region with heavy foot traffic, restaurant patio, or playground, these shade structures can fit the job.

If you have a pool or seating area, for example, center columns may get in the way of lounge chairs or tabletops and may be a hassle to set up. With shade structures, however, you can create a usable center space and have columns outside the main area – allowing for much more design freedom underneath the shade panels.

With multiple columns, shade structures also offer lots of stability. If you need a structure that will stay in place and remain stable even over large areas, shade structures have a simple structure and multiple posts to offer peace of mind.