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Single Post Shades

When shade is needed, but there is little accommodation for multiple columns, choose one of the Single Post designs. The Single Post portfolio line includes a wide variety of structures, from simple to complex. Each can provide a unique look for your venue.

Without extra posts taking up room, you have more space to set up furnishings, seating, and accessories, such as a poolside seating area complete with lounge chairs and tables.

With a variety of sizing options, our single-post shade structures can be a perfect solution for areas of nearly any size. From smaller Lifeguard shade structures designed to shade just one person to larger structures such as our Coolbrella, we have numerous options to help you get just the structure you need.

Single post structures mean fewer columns in lines of vision, which creates a wide-open space and allows you and your visitors to enjoy the view. Parents can lounge poolside and watch their kids play in the water, for example, or children can enjoy a shaded sandbox area at daycare - all while remaining safely in view of teachers.

Easier installation. With only one column to install, it’s simple to put your shade structure in place. With only one post, even uneven ground or hard concrete does not pose as much of a problem, since you do not have to worry about multiple columns like you may have to with other structures.

A fun aquatic environment. Single post shades are a great option for beaches, pools and other aquatic areas. Since there is only one post, it’s easy to shade lifeguard stations, rest areas, and other waterside spaces. The shape of a single post shade sail can also look great with a water theme.

Plenty of protection from the sun. A single post shade canopy from USA SHADE can be up to 25 feet in diameter, offering plenty of sun protection. Numerous single-post shade structures can be placed near each other to further expand this range.