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Shade Structures

Outdoor play and physical exercise are incredibly beneficial to children’s growing bodies. However, dangers lurk within the sun’s warmth. High temperatures and UV rays that originate from sun exposure can cause serious health complications ranging from mild dehydration to lifelong skin diseases.

While children may want to play to their hearts’ content, caregivers and other responsible adults should take every precaution possible to protect these little ones from play-related dangers found in the outdoors. Investing in a high-quality, durable playground shade canopy can provide adequate sanctuary from the sun’s heat and its rays while allowing caregivers to rest easy knowing that the children in their care are protected.

Our commercial shade structures are available in several different colors, sizes, and designs to meet your needs and fit well with any themes that you may incorporate into your play space. Whether you’re interested in covering an outdoor play space that has a standard shape or one with a unique topography, we have playground shade structures and covers that are right for you.