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We offer a unique approach to help you create your ideal playground or park. Consultations, custom designs and bid proposals for all projects are free of charge. If you need one item or an entire park design, we can help. Our team of professionals can even help you make your presentation to your board, committee or organization.
Noah's will work with your design team, architect, or landscape architect to create the ideal park or playground. Historically, we try to help our clients understand all the factors which could potentially go into building their ideal parks or playgrounds. When clients recognizes how a new playground or park area is going to impact their surrounding landscape, they begin to realize just how much more thought and pre-planning needs must take place.

Noah's Park and Playgrounds works closely with all client types, such as:

  • Municipal Parks and Recreation Boards
  • Schools - elementary, junior high, high school (private and public) 
  • Churches, Church Camps and Daycares
  • HOA's Home Owner Associations
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, resorts, camp grounds
  • Landscape Architects 
  • Correction Facilities
  • So many more! See our entire list of past customers in our Portfolio Page
Whether it's just a simple stand-alone slide or merry-go-round, Noah's Park & Playgrounds can provide a full installation crew, or simply do a drop-ship if that's your preference. We have a full installation crews; Supervised Installers for a less-expensive install option (using your crew of volunteers & equipment); a community install (using NPP supervisor, equipment but your volunteers), or do a direct delivery for you to conduct your own installation. Whatever your needs, Noah's Park and Playgrounds can handle all types of installation requests.
All of our clients would very easily qualify for equipment financing. In most cases, 100% equipment financing is available!  Financing can be arranged in just a matter of a day or so, in many cases, just a few hours. So no need to let financing stand in the way of improving your communities with new  playground or park equipment. Take a moment and see if your organization qualifies for financing with our easy financing application:

Not convinced?   Here are just a few benefits of financing your equipment:

  • Immediate use of Equipment - Financing provides you with the equipment for an agreed upon monthly payment, so you're able to pay as you use! 

  • Tax Benefits - You can deduct your monthly payment as an operating expense.   Financing your park or playground equipment also helps you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax by reducing you AMT liability.

  • Flexibility - Minimal down payment.  You can structure payments to fit your budget. 

  • 100% Cost Coverage - You can include "soft" costs such as space planning & design fees, shipping and installation right into the financing. 

  • Conservation of Capital - If your money isn't tied up in equipment costs, you're free to spend it on other items such as inventory, advertising or personnel. 

  • Easier Cash Flow Forecasting - Fixed monthly payments help you budget money into the future. 

  • Fixed Payments - You can lock-in payments now and avoid the risk of inflation in the future. 

  • Preserves Credit - Financing your park or playground equipment doesn't tie up your line of credit.  So you have more capital at your disposal when you need it! 

  • Longer Terms - Many banks only lend money short term - usually 12 to 36 months, while our in-house financing lets you extend your term up to 60 months. 

  • Purchase or Renewal Options - at the end of your financing terms, you may choose to purchase your equipment, upgrade to new equipment or continue to finance at substantial savings.

Clients come to us with every type of budget and we always want to help get the maximum value out of every dollar. If you need items to assist in your fund-raising efforts, we can provide color posters or small flyers to help get the word out to your donor community. If you need 2-D or 3D posters detailing your site with proposed equipment, we can help. This tool will help your fund-raising efforts tremendously. 
Noah's Park & Playgrounds strives to represent the highest quality manufacturers in the park and playground industry. We are confident in our manufacturers and will uphold all manufacturer warranties. Noah's Park and Playgrounds also offers a one-year limited warranty on all labor with installation.