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Talk Tubes- Pair

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Internal Diameter:
Suggested Maximum Distance:
Talk Tubes- Pair
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The 3” diameter rigid MDPE pipe transmits sound perfectly with the minimum 2.5” internal diameter essential for clear speech transmission. Even the softest whispers can be heard!

As standard, we will include 12m (40ft) of piping with the underground connection kit however additional 3m (10ft) sections of pipe are available to purchase (POA) extending the range of the Talk Tubes up to a suggested maximum distance of 50m (160ft).

A pair of stainless steel large ‘sound cones’ are designed for optimal sound capture, blocking other playground noise from disturbing what you are hearing. The cones come complete with anti-debris mesh and are angled to avoid ingress of water. The cones are installed at two different heights to ensure they're suitable for varied age ranges.

Children will delight as the ‘speaker’ places his mouth in one sound cone and the ‘receiver’ on the other side of the playground listens into the other to hear their secret message being sent along the air pipe.

Great for encouraging children to experiment with sound and active listening skills, Talk Tubes are inclusive and all the family can join the fun including those with limited ability or in wheelchairs. Talk Tubes have valuable elements of sensory play and perfect to install in a playground, along a sensory path or walkway.

Product Highlights:

  • Allows children to talk over a distance
  • Adds an auditory and sensory element to your play area
  • Develops language and listening skills
  • Encourages fantasy play
  • Inclusive Play
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