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Safari Circle Steppers with 2" Mats

$3,677.00 $3,586.00
(You save $91.00)
ships in 4-6 weeks
8'L x 2'W
1 user per element
Age Range:
Elementary & Middle School
Installation Time Estimate:
2 hours
Everlast Climbing Safari Circle Steppers
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Thoughtful movement and great balance are required on the Safari® Circle Steppers. Travel across the set of five hanging discs on this element on feet or knees. This unique add-on offers a “low ropes” type challenge. Great for physical education classes, after school programs, camps and more.

STEP-BY-STEP – Safari® Circle Steppers!

Safari® Circle Steppers are wall mounted and can be used as a stand alone element or can be combined with other indoor jungle gym equipment to maximize fitness opportunities with minimal space requirements.  Mounting brackets and mat-locking system help stow and lock components to prevent unauthorized use. When stowing, Safari Circle Steppers easily detach and can be kept in a storage cabinet or closet.  Elements can be mounted to concrete block or poured concrete walls only. Complete package includes a Mat-Locking® System, mounting brackets, hardware, installation instructions, safety sign and activity guide.

Safari® Circle Steppers Activity Guide comes with 5 creative and physical activities to try on the Swing Steppers including “Swinging Steps,” “Spot Walk,” and “Watch Your Step.” Activities include step-by-step instructions and modifications to accommodate learner differences.