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Gaga Ball Pit

  • FREE Shipping on GaGa Ball Pits
  • Gaga Ball - dodge ball alternative
  • Kids get a great outdoor work out
  • Ideal for camp grounds or churches
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  • 20 ft. Octagon Gaga Ball Pit
  • 20 ft. Circle Gaga Ball Pit
  • 20 ft. Circle Gaga Ball Pit
  • 15 ft. Hexagon Gaga Ball Pit
  • 15 ft. Round Gaga Ball Pit
  • GaGa Ball products ship as palletized freight
  • Almost 500 lbs, the 20' GaGa ships as freight
  • Loading a 20' Gaga Ball Pit
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ships 1-5 business days
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Product Description


NOTE: FREE SHIPPING available for to the 48 contiguous states. If you are outside of the United States, please call our offices at (877) 248-5444 or email us for an accurate freight quote.


Everyone is going gaga for GAGA BALL!!  

Gaga Ball is America's fastest growing dodge-ball alternative, and is cropping up everywhere from camp grounds, schools, churches, child care facilities and more!  Originating in Israel in the 1970's, the word 'Gaga' is Hebrew and means "touch-touch". Gaga Ball is a fast paced, high energy sport played inside an octagon-shaped pit. 


What are the Benefits of the Gaga Ball Game?

  • Great for Elementary through Middle School ages
  • Bigger kids (ahem, adults) also love to play!
  • Gaga is a fast-paced, high energy game
  • Players will use physical agility skills such as: jumping, turning, striking, dodging, eye-hand coordination in fast-paced game settings
  • Quick game turn-overs allow players multiple playing times; ie: Lots of turns!
  • Gets larger groups of children involved at the same time
  • Largest court capacity range:  30-35 elementary/middle school ages
  • Allows supervising teacher/adult opportunity to keep entire group in one play area
  • Open, firm surface area, and medium size ball (with good bounce) are all that is necessary to set up Gaga pit and start playing


 How are Gaga Ball Pits created?

  • Gaga Pits can be arranged in Decagon, Octagon, Hexagon and circle shapes
  • Constructed of heavy duty, plastic, HDPE, polythylene playground border timbers; a proven, durable item in outdoor play environments
  • Each timber is  52" L x 12" T x 4" W (Galvanized steel spike included with each for assembly/install)
  • Timbers are stacked and locked in place using the galvanized steel spikes (comes with each timber)
  • Double stacked/locked timbers quickly create sturdy Gaga Ball Pit walls that are 24" tall
  • End-over-end timber assembly creates octagon, hexagon and near-circular ball pit shapes
  • Gaga Pit walls are tall enough for excellent ball containment and continual, uninterrupted play
  • Pit walls are low enough for quick and easy entry/exit into fast paced games
  • Easy DIY Project for most maintenance crew means kids could play the same day!


What are the different Gaga Ball Pit Sizes and Shapes?

  • Gaga Pits can be constructed and installed in different shapes and sizes:
    • 26' Decagon or Circle  Pit
    • 20' Octagon or Circle Pit
    • 15' Hexagon or Circle Pit


What is the Gaga Ball Pit Size Capacity?

  • 15' Diameter Gaga Ball Pit- Capacity:   8-12 children
  • 20' Diameter Gaga Ball Pit- Capacity: 20-25 children
  • 26' Diameter Gaga Ball Pit- Capacity: 25-30 children


What are are the Mounting Options?

  • Inground Permanent Outdoor Mount- AVAILABLE ONLINE- Steel spikes could be cemented below ground for more permanent Gaga Ball pit installation
  • Inground Portable Outdoor Mount- AVAILABLE ONLINE- Drive spikes into dirt or grass covered ground (without cement) allows you to move location of ball pit
  • Portable Indoor Mount- NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE- Please call or email Noah's offices to get more information about the indoor portable option- (877) 248-5444, info@noahsplay.com


What are the Gaga Ball Pit Surface Requirements?

  • Ideal Gaga Ball Pit play surface is as smooth as possible
  • Concrete or asphalt is recommended for fastest game play results (also low maintenance)
  • Other surface options: Grass and dirt surfaces could work. However when these surfaces are wet, and can become slippery during play
  • Tampered, crushed stone aggregate base has been used successfully by some of our customers
  • Wood chips are not ideal choice for ball-bouncing game-play



Product Videos

Gaga Ball Video #1- Metro Family Magazine's Kids Fest Event (02:54)
We had a blast at the Kids Fest event in Oklahoma City to introduce kids and parents to our new product, Gaga Ball! We are selling Gaga Ball Pits on our convenient website now! Go to http://www.noahsplay.com/playground-equipment/playground-sports-courts/gaga-ball-pit/gaga-ball-pit/ to purchase your Gaga Ball Pit for your school, church, day camp, city park, sports facility, child care center and more today!
  • Gaga Ball Vide...
    We had a blast at the Kids Fest event in Oklahoma City to intr...
  • Gaga Ball Vide...
    We had a blast at the Kids Fest event in Oklahoma City to intr...
  • Festival of th...
    Oklahoma kids had a blast playing Gaga Ball with us at Festiva...

Warranty Information

Heavy Plastic HDPE playground border timbers are warranted for a period for ten years.

2 by 2 Industries warrants the following:

• Structural integrity of the border timber.
• Exclusions: Damages or Product Failure due to Vandalism, Abnormal Weather Conditions and/or Improper Use or Installation.

Warranty period begins upon delivery to customer.

All claims must be made, in writing, and accompanied by a copy of the original 2 by 2 Industries invoice. All warranty correspondence should be directed to:

P.O. Box 7987
Edmond, OK 73083

Other Details

20' Pit:
20' x 24" x 4"
15' Pit:
15' x 24" x 4"

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