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Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch

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Wood Fiber Mulch
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What is Engineered or Certified Wood Mulch?

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is wood mulch which may have a similar look and feel to landscape mulch, but it is NOT landscape mulch. EWF or Certified Wood Mulch has been manufactured, or engineered specifically for use as a playground safety surface. playzone mulch to child care centers, schools & churches throughout central Oklahoma - See more at: EWF is wood mulch which meets ADA, ASTM, CPSC, IPEMA and CSA safety standards Certified Wood Mulch is engineered, tested and certified to be non-flammable, arsenic and lead free, contaminate and saw-dust free (main fire hazard in wood mulch). It is also known as Safety Surfacing for playzones or fall zones Noah's Park & Playgrounds uses local and national suppliers of Engineered and Certified Mulch ONLY. We do not sell landscape mulch.  

What is the difference between Engineered and Certified Wood Mulch?

The difference is one is I.P.E.M.A. Certified (International Playground Equipment Manufacturing Association). This means it has been tested and approved for use as playground safety surfacing. Any organization requiring licensing (schools, childcare centers, headstart programs, city parks, etc.)  MUST use Certified Wood Mulch for licensing approval. Engineered Wood Mulch, while not I.P.E.M.A. tested and certified, is still manufactured to be free of contaminates and saw-dust-free. EWF can be applied in situations where certification is not required. There is typically a difference in the price between Certified Wood Mulch and EWF Noah's Park and Playgrounds will only sell Certified or Engineered Wood Fiber/Mulch. We do not sell landscape mulch for playground use.  

How does the safety surfacing, Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) provide ADA accessibility / compliance on playgrounds?

EWF is not an ADA compliant product by itself EWF creates ADA access when used correctly with ADA access ramps and at proper, recommended fall-height depths. EWF, to be used as an ADA safety surface, must be tamped or compressed down in order to provide a smoother surface for wheelchairs and such.  

What is proper 'Fall Height' Depth?

EWF is used to create the critical 'fall height' when applied at correct depth guidelines. Noah's can help you determine your fall height depth per your equipment. Safety Surface compliance depths can also be found in the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Public Safety Handbook  

How soon can we get EWF delivered to our site?   

Usually within a week or two, depending upon the time of year. Many school districts start ordering EWF around the end of July to have their schools ready by mid August. If you are calling during the month of August, delivery may take a bit longer. Noah's Park and Playgrounds works with local suppliers as well as national suppliers to provide EWF to your location. Our immediate delivery area (from corporate location) is Edmond, OK.

Do you install the EWF or can this be a DIY project our maintenance crews or volunteers could handle?

Noah's can install your EWF, or we can try to arrange a local installer if you are out of state.  Wood fiber can be "dropped" at your location for your own maintenance, janitors, or volunteer crews to spread on your playgrounds. Customer Installation of wood fiber is an excellent cost saving option for your district or business, saving hundreds of dollars and time for your community. Volunteers can even install wood fiber with enough rakes, wheel barrows, and if the job is large, use of their own bobcat's to move the mulch around.