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Butterfly Hill Infant Play Center

$3,182.00 $3,103.00
(You save $79.00)
ships in 3-4 weeks
Age Range:
6-23 months
ADA Accessible:
Safety Zone:
9.5' x 12.5'
3' x 6'
The Butterfly Hill is perfect for crawlers and walkers
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The Butterfly Hill is a new playset designed for infants age 6 months to 23 months!  Its interactive gears and spinners help babies and toddlers develop coordination.

Cutouts and a window permit easy viewing, inside and out.  The mirror panel reflects happy faces as little ones scramble around.

Flowers and butterfly silhouettes decorate the entire unit, adding to the outdoor feel.  An apple maze, and other shapes on the walls, are visual and tactile surprises to delight the children as they explore.

Our new dolphin gray flooring is a rubberized and slightly padded outdoor high density polyethylene.  All Nature of Early Play sets now have this state-of-the-art material for decking and flooring.


The Butterfly Hill features:

  • EcoColor Recycled Fabric
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5' x 6'

Design Includes:

  • Quatroefoil Mirror
  • 2 Flowers
  • 4 Butterflies
  • Round Window
  • 2 Oveal Gears
  • Frog Spinner
  • Mini Driving Wheel
  • Turtle Spinner
  • Gauge
  • Dolphin Spinner
  • Ramp
  • Apple Finger Maze
  • Sunburst Engraving
LIMITED 10 YEAR WARRANTY on RSP COMPONENTS and EcoColorTM PLASTIC PRODUCTS under normal use and proper maintenance against structural failure due to deterioration or weathering. LIMITED 10 YEAR WARRANTY on STEEL COMPONENTS and STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE against structural failure due to corrosion, deterioration or weathering. LIMITED 3 YEAR WARRANTY on all POLYETHYLENE ROTO MOLDED PRODUCTS against structural failure due to deterioration or weathering . LIMITED FIRST YEAR WARRANTY on all FABRIC ROOFS, FABRIC SAND BOX COVERS, FABRIC TIPI COVERS and all other fabric products against structural failure or manufacturing defects. LIMITED FIRST YEAR WARRANTY on MOVING PARTS and all other MATERIALS not mentioned above against structural failure or manufacturing defects. • The above warranties are valid only if the structures are erected in conformity with the layout plan and/or installation instructions provided by Nature of Early Play, Inc. have been maintained and inspected in accordance with Nature of Early Play, Inc.’s maintenance instructions; have not been subjected to addition or substitution of parts; and have not been modified or altered by persons other than a Nature of Early Play, Inc. certified installer. • The above mentioned warranties do not include any cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, marring, fading or discoloration. • Damage resulting from vandalism, misuse, negligence, accidents or acts of God are not covered by this warranty. • Warranties apply from the Date of Purchase. • Installation labor is not included in replacement of warranty parts. Shipping is not included after the first year on warranty parts. • Restocking: Nature of Early Play, Inc. will restock play equipment in re-usable condition for a 20% restocking fee + return shipping. Maintenance: Nature of Early Play’s staff of Certified Playground Inspectors have developed check lists and recommended inspection schedules to help our customers develop thorough and effective maintenance programs. These guidelines include a High Frequency Checklist for potential problems to be performed daily or weekly and a Low Frequency Maintenance Schedule for monthly or quarterly inspections. Records of all maintenance inspections and repairs should be retained, signed, dated and filed. Maintenance documentation will be required for warranty claims, and Nature of Early Play may refuse a claim if it is clear that the playset has not been maintained according to our recommended maintenance instructions and/or schedule. Effective May 1, 2016 Nature of Early Play, Inc. reserves the right to improve and upgrade our equipment, designs, specifications & materials without notice. Wood Products: All of Nature of Early Play’s wood products are 100% natural untreated wood. No warranties apply to Nature of Early Play’s wood products. Wood is subject to natural deterioration over time. Heat treating upon request. Customers may finish (seal) their wood products as desired.