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Double Leg Press

$3,712.00- Call (877) 248-5444 for a freight quote

ships in 4-6 weeks
7' 2" (2.18m)
2' 2" (0.66m)
5' (1.52m)
TriActive USA Double Leg Press is perfect for any outdoor fitness park or trail.
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The Leg Press is an effective piece for developing leg strength using a portion of your body weight for resistance. The two sides are for different user heights and resistance and work independently.

  • Strength
  • Lower Body 

An Enhanced-Security version of this item available for correctional facilities, jails and prisons (pricing varies for this feature).

The TriActive Double Leg Press has been installed in numerous facilities such as:

  • Colleges
  • Correction facilities
  • Health clinics
  • VA hospitals
  • Fitness Trails
  • City parks
  • Apartments
  • Private Corporations
  • Resorts
  • Cruise ships and more
TriActive USA Fitness Equipment Corporation warrants its products to be free from defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in accordance with our published specifications. TriActive USA further warrants as follows: Limited 5-year warranty on steel posts, welds, bars and other steel parts Limited 2 year warranty on bearings, fasteners and rubber parts This warranty is valid only if: • The equipment is installed as stated within the installation instructions and is not modified without approval by TriActive USA. • Equipment has not been subject to vandalism, misuse, or neglect. • Equipment is properly maintained as listed in the TriActive USA Maintenance Plan • Equipment is installed in an appropriate location • Insure that the equipment will not come in contact with sprinkler water or fertilizer • Engineer the surface area so that the equipment will not be in standing water • When installed in grass field, remove grass 8 to 10 inches away from equipment so that lawn maintenance equipment will not come in contact with equipment. This warranty does not cover cosmetic items such as: Wear and tear, a minimal level of rusting, scratches, dents or marring to equipment. Fading, discoloring or weathering of powder coating and any damage to instructional decals.