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Pirate Tower-2 Net Climber

$18,840.00 $17,898.00
(You save $942.00)
4-5 Weeks
Age Range:
Safety Zone:
24' x 20'
Fall Height:
Pirate Tower 2 is an impressive 17+ feet installed height
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Its' all hands on deck for swashbuckling fun with the NetPlay Pirate Tower Net Climber!  With rigging, ladders and loop ropes, children can challenge themselves to make their way to the crow's nest or find adventure below deck! Thematic play meets skill and cooperation development in these infinitely captivating, nautical designs.

Pirate Tower 2 Net Climber offers:

  • Designed for ages 5-12
  • 1 Climbing Rope
  • 2 Angled Climbing nets
  • 2 Lounge nets
  • 2 Horizontal Ladders 
  • 2 Horizontal nets
  • 1 rubber climber
  • 4 Loop Ropes
  • 1 Outlook Platform
  • 4 Suspension Ropes 
  • 8-inch diameter galvanized, steel post 
  • Standard Net colors: Black and Red- What you will purchase if purchasing online
  • Custom net colors available- please call our office at (877) 248-5444 to discuss custom color options
  • Designed to meet current ASTM F1487 and CSA-Z614 Standards for public-use playgrounds (schools, city parks, child care centers)

Benefits of Netform™ Rope:

  • All NetPlay systems constructed from Netform™, a six-strand, steel core rope Netform™
  • Rope is a signature product from InCordPlay/NetPlay™
  • Rope sizes 16mm and 18mm featuring strength of steel while remaining soft and flexible to touch
  • Comfort-grip technology with steel reinforced rope and patented knot-and-joint system
  • Netform™ has a three-strand fiber core, around which six steel-wire strands, also wrapped in nylon cord, are wrapped around core stands
  • NetPlay™ products are all designed to be easy to maintain and last for years in the harshest outdoor elements
  • Incord/NetPlay™ products designed to meet latest ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614 Standards for Public-Use Playground Equipment
  • Connections and terminal points constructed using a patented 'knot-ball' system of either aluminum, ABS or high density polypropylene connectors
  • Stainless steel hardware for anchoring and mounting can withstand years of abuse in year-round weather conditions
Netform™ Products Warranty Incord Limited warrants its Netform™ products to be free from defect in materials or workmanship for a period of (1) one-year during normal use and installation. Additional limited warranties cover the products against defects caused by deterioration affecting the structural integrity of the equipment during the following periods starting from the date of installation. Date of installation is assumed to be approximately 30-days after purchase (can vary). 20-Year Limited Warranty on cable breakage, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects. 20-Year limited warranty would apply only to the breakage (not vandalism) of the steel cores in the rope. 5-Year Limited Warranty on premature wear of polyester Netform™ cables, with the exclusion of cosmetic defects and normal wear and tear. Determination of what constitutes premature wear will be at InCord’s discretion. The warranty stated is void if the structures are erected in a way that contributes to the damage of the product(s). The warranty is void if the rope components have been subjected to abnormal use or for purposes for which the goods were not designed; have not been subjected to vandalism, misuse, neglect or accident; have been subjected to addition or substitution of parts; and have not been modified, altered, or repaired by persons other than an InCord/NetPlay/Netform authorized dealer. The warranty does not cover cosmetic issues, such as marring, fading, discoloring and weathering. The warranty covers either replacement or repair completely at InCord’s discretion, of any products according to the above descriptions. Transportation freight costs and or other on-site costs are not covered by this warranty; except where specific pre-arrangements are made with written approval from InCord Ltd. To make claim under the terms of the Warranty, The Buyer’s written, dated statement of claim, a copy of the original invoice, any maintenance records, and supporting documents, photographs, must all be sent to: InCord Ltd., 226 Upton Road, Colchester, CT 06415 860-537-1414 800-596-1066 fax: 860-537-7393 Netform™ aka: NetPlay 3-D Adventure Play & Innovation dba: IncordPlay (a division of InCord Ltd.)