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Bleachers - ADA Series Chainlink Guradrail

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Meet ADA requirements with ADA bleachers for your community.
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National Recreation Systems ADA Series Bleachers feature wheelchair seating areas with comparison seating to meet ADA accessibility requirements. Available with chainlink or vertical picket guardrail system.   Seating Capacity 34 seats + 2 Handicap Aluminum angle understructure 2 x 10 anodized aluminum seat plank Double mill finish aluminum foot plank 1 x 6 riser rows 1-4, (2) 1 x 6 top row risers (1) vertical aisle & handrail ADA seating with companion seats Chainlink guardrail   Additional Model Options  Rows   Seats    Length    Weight    Price   NB-0515AADA 5 34+2HC 15' 726 $5,139 NB-0519.5AADA 5 45+2HC 19.5' 928 $6,405 Also Available with 48+2HC & 58+4HC seats NB-0815AADA 8 58+2HC 15' 1280 $8051 NB-0819.5AADA 8 75+2HC 19.5' 1571 $9,647 Also Available with 77+4HC & 100+4HC seats NB-1015AADA 10 74+2HC 15' 1619 $10,085 NB-1019.5AADA 10 95+2HC 19.5' 2012 $11,935 Also Available with 99+4HC & 128+4HC seats
Warranty shall guarantee bleachers to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year under normal use. Warranty period shall begin on date of completion for projects installed by manufacturer, or its subcontractors, OR warranty period shall begin on date of final delivery on projects installed by others. Anodized finish of plank extrusions shall be covered by 5 year warranty against loss of structural strength or finish deterioration due to exposure to weather conditions or UV rays. Discoloration of mill finish aluminum due to galvanic reaction not covered. National Recreation Systems (a Playcore Company) 5120 Investment Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46808 toll free (888) 568-9064