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Toddler Trike Helmet

ships in 1-2 weeks
Age Range:
Toddler Trike Helmet
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Nothing is more important than safety, especially when riding those awesome Angeles Trikes! The Angeles Toddler Trike Helmets are a perfect fit and aren't too heavy!

The Toddler Trike Helmet Features:

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z90.4 CPSC and Snell B95A
  • Certified Vented for maximum comfort
  • 1-year warranty
  • Head Size 18" - 20", 1 lb.
  • Recommended for Ages: 1-3

*Angeles is a product of Children's Factory.

*Noah's website does not list all of the Children's Factory's products. Please call 1-877-248-5444 if you need to order items not listed on the site.

Angeles offers a 5-year guarantee on the following products: MyRider® Trikes & Bikes RuggedRiders® Trikes ClassicRiders® Trikes SilverRiders® Trikes SilverRiders® Wagons & Scooters