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King Peak Rock

Call (877) 248-5444 for pricing and freight quote.

ships in 6-8 weeks
Age Range:
10' 6" L x 7' 6" W x 8' 0" H
Use Zone:
28' 0" L x 24' 0" W
Fall Height:
8' 0"
Bring this miniature mountain to your playground for a unique climbing experience!
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Bring the graceful look of mountains to your playground! The King Peak Rock is made of GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) hand sculpted to look just like the real thing! Make your children's next climbing experience fun and unique!

Dynamo's Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Limited Warranty: The company warranties GFRC sculptures against failure or defect, under normal usage conditions, for one (1) year from delivery-acceptance, excluding normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes slight polishing of hand and footholds, slight fading of the color, hairline cracking of the concrete shell at stress points, minor scratches, minor chipping, weather related stains and efflorescence as a natural curing by-product. The company shall be notified of any failure or defect and shall repair or replace the damaged portion of the structure within 30 working days of notification at the company's sole expense, except where delayed by weather or access conditions. Limitation of Remedies The Company acknowledges that the remedies under this Limited Warranty shall be the repair or replacement of the Product or any components thereof which are determined by the Company to be defective in material or workmanship or, at the sole option of the Company, the refund of the purchase price of the Product in question. The Company shall not be liable for injury to property other than the Product itself.