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Play Panels

Replacement parts such as roofs, decks, panels, and slides, can help extend the life of your aging play equipment and structures. Fair warning however - manufacturers purposely create  their equipment using different sizes, dimensions, deck heights, material colors, etc., to be competitive with one another. 

If you need replacement parts, more than likely the parts need to be purchased from the original manufacturer. Give us a call at 1-877-248-5444 (M-F, 9am-5pm CST) or send in our 'Contact Us' form with any pictures or documents of the items you need.  We're happy to help determine your equipment manufacturer, if replacement parts are available, and if they can be purchased and installed on your system. 

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  • Add a burst of rays with the Starburst replacement panel
  • Find the right replacement panels for your playground needs
  • The Bubble Panel - PL color can be customized to fit your playground theme
  • Don't let your parts wither away! Check out the Replacement Tube Panel!
  • Customize your color to fit any playground theme
  • The Replacement Bubble Panel comes in various colors to fit any play theme
  • Fix up your playground with the Flat Panel replacement part!