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Outdoor Games & Activities

Browse through this section to find classic game sets designed for kids of all ages. We have included both indoor and outdoor games ideal for parks, campgrounds and schools. These durable, high-quality games are designed to stand up to daily play and offer years of non-stop fun. All of these educational games from Gaga Ball and Funnel Ball to Tether Ball and Hop Scotch, are great ways to teach kids new outdoor activities and help achieve their 60 minutes a day of physical activity.

Gaga Ball is America's fastest growing dodge-ball alternative, and is cropping up everywhere from camp grounds, schools, churches, child care facilities and more! Originating in Israel in the 1970's, the word 'Gaga' is Hebrew and means "touch-touch". Gaga Ball is a fast paced, high energy sport played inside an octagon-shaped pit. We have portable pits, high-wall pits and in-ground pits available in multiple sizes.  

Triple Ball Toss is a unique and creative way to advance hand-to-eye coordination for all ages. Similar to basketball, this unique game requires a ball to be thrown up into the top of the post. The ball will then leave through one of the holes with a number. Add the numbers along the way to keep track of your score.

The Funnel Ball Game is another great way for kids to learn some basketball skills. The short post is topped with a net suitable for a variety of ball sizes and ideal for preschool and elementary-age children.