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Noah's Shipping Q&A

We hope the Q&A provided below will answers your questions. Mostly we hope it helps you arrive at a decision to allow us the opportunity to work with your organization on your park or playground projects.

If we have not addressed your question, please feel free to use our LiveChat featue on our website, email us at,  or call during during business hours of M-F (9am-5pm CST) using our toll free number 1-877-248-5444. We want to answer all your questions so you are comfortable moving forward with your equipment investment.



Determining Your Shipping Cost:
We work with numerous freight carriers to obtain the best freight rates/terms possible. This approach fits with our company philosophy - giving our customers the best prices, even when it comes to freight. The majority of our equipment will ship as palletized freight on a large semi-truck or trailer. Some smaller items are shipped UPS-ground. Pallets can range in size such as 4' x 4' x 4' (an average pallet size) to much larger, extended or oversized pallets ranging in size from 8' to 16' long, and can be 6' wide/tall.  Large play structures arrive on oversized pallets of this size. 


When Will Equipment Ship?
The majority of items listed on our website have an estimated 'Availability' date found on each product page (right column next to images). Availability, or estimated shipping time, is based on average lead time to manufacture your equipment. If you do not see an average 'availability' time on a product, it could be a customizable item, or 'must call for pricing' item. see more


Preparing for Delivery Before it ships:
Noah's will ask you to be responsible for the several items, many of which must be determined BEFORE your shipment leaves the manufacturer. see list



How to Accept Delivery of Large Equipment:
We ask all customers to understand that upon delivery see more


Do you offer 'Free Shipping'?
'FREE SHIPPING' is an attractive offer and appeals to everyone's inner bargain hunter and savy shopper. Who doesn't like to get a good deal these days?!  see more 


Call Ahead Notification can be arranged:
'Call-Ahead Notification' is always available for any delivery for an additional charge. Charges varies per each freight carrier company see more


Shipping to Multiple Locations:
Supply-chain availability (large purchases for numerous locations) is not a problem for us see more


Your shipment arrives!  Now What?
Once your shipment arrives, we ask you - the customer - to take responsibility for these items:


Shipment arrives with missing or damaged items:
If parts are missing or damaged from your order, please call us within 72-hours from acceptance of your shipment (preferably less than 72-hours). We will contact the manufacturer and report your damaged/missing claim as soon as we become aware of it, per your call/email/digital images of damages. Manufacturers typically ship any missing parts at no charge to you. see more


How to handle a backorder item:
Your equipment is backordered and now what?  Items may be backordered by the manufacturer, however we make every effort possible to inform you of this information, and give you the backorder fulfillment date(s). see more

Equipment Returns:
Returning large, oversized equipment takes pre-planning. Please read this section carefully...

Cancelling an Order:

Cancellations happen for a myriad of reasons. If you believe you need to cancel an order, please read this section carefully