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Noah's Park and Playgrounds has several installation options. Before payment is accepted/processed, Noah's and client must mutually agree upon all installation terms.

Client agrees to:

  • Select install preference on final, signed proposal. They are:'Delivery Only' 'Supervised Install' 'Full Install'
  • Disclose exact location address and type in order to determine if special off-loading arrangements are needed to accept shipment. ie: lift-gate, forklift, 24-hour notice, residential or commercial delivery.
  • Disclose all installation site informaton such as measurements, landscape impediments, fencing or sidewalk/border perimeters, parking lot access, required 'check-in' procedures for installation crews.
  • Mark all sprinkler system components prior to installation crew arrival. NPP is not responsible for sprinkler system damage if sprinkler system is not properly marked prior to install.
  • Contact public utility companies for the purpose of marking all underground public utility lines no less than 72-hours prior to installation crew arrival. Public Utility companies include; Water, Gas, Phone, Electrical, Sewer, etc. Line-Location services are free in most states. This service typically takes one phone call to your state's Line-Location service to have all lines located and marked. 
  • Acknowledge installation will not begin if  Line-Location has not been done. This is for the safety of our crews.
  • LEAVE ALL public utility line locate markers in place for the safety of NPP installation crews. 
  • Be responsible for marking all private utility lines (at client's expense) prior to installation crew arrival.
  • Inspect and accept (if not damaged) any and all equipment which is shipped direct to installation site (direct ship must be an agreed upon term by both client and NPP).
  • Make NPP aware of any installation concerns within 10 days after installation. 
  • Allow Noah's Park & Playgrounds a mutually agreed upon time-frame to address client's concerns.

Noah's Park and Playgrounds agrees to:

    • Disclose equipment installation type and amount on final quote. 
    • Make all installation arrangements prior to equipment being shipped from manufacturer(s).
    • As promptly as possible, make client aware of concerns that would cause delays of previously arranged installation terms.
    • CEASE all installation activity if client has not performed Line-Locate (aka DIG Test) within a 48 to 72 hour time frame prior to supervised or full installation. (NPP does not claim line-locate responsibility for Delivery-Only.)
    • One-year warranty on installation labor.

Playground Installations