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Toddler Picnic Table

$435.00 $414.00
(You save $21.00)
ships in 2 - 4 weeks
The Toddle Picnic Table is manufactured to stand up to many years of use.
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The Toddle Picnic Table is a smart investment for any school, church, child care, head start program.

It features:

  • Materials and construction for years of quality daily use without decay, mold or wood-rot
  • Made with black recycled bases and five 1" x 6" Resinwood slats
  • 3-Heavy Duty Braces ensure solid no-movement use
  • Designed for tikes who need a place to sit after a long day on the playground
  • Standard colors: cedar
  • Custom colors: blue, red, white
  • Custom colors available for quantity orders
  • Additional Mounting Options Available by Request
  • Call for large quantity quotes/shipping information - 1-877-248-5444
Jayhawk Plastics, Inc. guarantees all materials and workmanship for three (3) years on any product made completely from our 100% Recycled Plastic. Jayhawk guarantees all materials and workmanship for (1) year on any product made of steel, aluminum or a combination of metal and plastic. The guarantee excludes vandalism, improper use, product alterations, misuse, negligence, accident, theft, corrosion caused by chemicals, ice or snow damage and acts of God. The warranty does not cover any product used as a component of and/or a finished good for a manufactured primary product without the prior written approval of Jayhawk Plastics. Jayhawk guarantees against rotting, decay or termite infestation for fifty (50) years for any recycled plastic. Any claim under this warranty must be filed within the warranty time-frame of original invoice date and must be accompanied by the original invoice or invoice number.