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Design Help

We offer a unique approach to help you create your ideal playground or park. Consultations, custom designs and bid proposals for all projects are free of charge. If you need one item or an entire park design, we can help. Our team of professionals can even help you make your presentation to your board, committee or organization.

Why do you want us to work closely with your design team, architect, or landscape architect to create the ideal park or playground?  Other factors or variables such as landscaping, lighting, fencing, and in many instances concrete curbing and or parking must be acknowledged as early in the project as possible. All too often these factors are after thoughts. When a client recognizes how a new playground or park area is going to impact their surrounding landscape, they begin to realize just how much more thought and pre-planning needs must take place.

Noah's Park and Playgrounds works closely with all client types, such as:

  • Municipal Parks and Recreation Boards, saving your communities tax dollars via early-stage consultation and design services, as well as providing low-cost equipment
  • Schools - elementary, junior high, high school (private and public) to help maximize your budget dollars.
  • Churches, Church Camps and Daycares who need to draw in new members or clients but have small budgets. We want to assist you in getting the maximum play value for your congregations and young clients.
  • HOA's Home Owner Associations who need parks, playgrounds and even outdoor exercise equipment
  • Colleges who need to stretch their annual budgets for bleachers, outdoor fitness equipment, tables, benches, trash cans, shades, etc.
  • Private Businesses such as car washes, restaurants, corporations.
  • Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, resorts, camp grounds, and many more!
  • Landscape Architects who are typically the point person for large school, municipal, private projects. Getting started with your Landscape Architect as early as possible saves you time and money.
  • The result of partnering with our clients as early as possible is typically more dollars left over to spend on equipment or landscaping. Whether you have a raw piece of land, or existing parks needing refurbishing, we can provide site plans, detail drawings, work with your budgets for playgrounds, park furniture, green-scapes, sports parks and facilities (bleachers, goals, etc.), fitness trails and equipment and much more. All of these services are provided to small and medium sized cities at little to no cost.