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City Park Playgrounds

Park and Rec departments can be as small as one maintenance guy and one city clerk with one town park, or have 100's of employees and seemingly countless parks.  At Noah's we know this because we work closely with municipalities of ALL sizes!  We get calls from maintenance guy on the front lines (phone in hand) looking for swing parts, up to senior level purchasing agents looking for vendors to provide bulk-order pricing on bids or RFQ's. We get the fact you have limited tax revenues, and your budget is a leading concern, usually followed by a tight timeline thanks to season openings or public-invited events just a few weeks away!  Hopefully our extensive offering of low-priced, and quick-ship commercial park and playground equipment can help!

If you are curious how other Park and Rec departments have approached projects and spending, take a look at our City Park Playgrounds portfolio page for ideas and inspiration. If you just have one question (or several) call us anytime Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (CST), or drop us a quick email at with your questions, budget info, wish list, etc.  We're here to help!