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ADA Half Ramp for 12" Timbers

$449.00 (Submit Quote Request Below to Receive Freight Cost)

ships in 1-5 business days
60"L x 43"W
ADA Half Ramp for 12" Timbers
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ADA Half Ramp for 12" Timbers includes and features:

  • One (1) Half ADA Playground Accessible Ramp
  • 5 Galvanized Steel Spikes
  • 2 - 6" Filler End Caps
  • Made from Recycled Plastics
  • Dimensions: 60"L x 43"W

Does your elementary schools, child care center, city and neighborhood park playgrounds need to offer ADA access or need to be ADA compliant?  Using our ADA playground-access ramp kits (and timbers), school districts, city parks and recreation departments, licensed child care facilities and more, can offer ADA access instantly. 

Your maintenance crews to easily install a half ramp in under two hours; connecting it to existing timbers. Noah's can also provide playground border timbers, also known as park curbs or park borders. Noah's Park and Playground ramps and timbers are designed to fit with other leading timbers and ramps on the market.

Noah's works with school districts, cities, park and recreation departments, national chain child care centers, providing QUICK-SHIP ADA access ramps. Timbers and ramps typically within 1 to 5 business days.

Please Note: Additional shipping charges will apply

Heavy Plastic HDPE playground Border Timbers are warranted for a period of 10 years. ADA Ramps are warranted for 5 years. 2BY2 Industries warrants the following: Structural integrity of the border timbers and ADA Ramps. Exclusions: Damages or product failure due to vandalism, abnormal weather conditions and/ or improper use or installation. Warranty period begins upon delivery to customer. All claims must be made, in writing, accompanied by a picture of the damaged product and copy of the original 2BY2 Industries invoice. All warranty correspondence should be directed to: P.O. Box 7987 Edmond, OK 73087

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