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8" Playground Border Timber

52" x 4" x 8"
8" Playground Border Timber
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 Playground Border Timbers help contain loose-fill safety surfacing such as wood mulch or rubber nuggets. Our 8" Playground Border Timber features:

  • 8" Tall Playground Border "Timber  (also have 12" tall timbers)
  • 52" Long x 4" wide x 8" tall - fits 'end-over-end' with next timber for 48" finished length
  • Designed & constructed w/ highest number of inside support joints to be strongest borders on the market
  • Designed to be compatible w/ ADA Full Ramps and ADA Half Ramps creating immediate ADA compliance
  • Reversible wood-grain texture and pebble texture on reverse
  • INCLUDES hot dipped galvanized steel spike- (20" x .667"), Head diameter 1.5"
Heavy Plastic HDPE playground Border Timbers are warranted for a period of 10 years. ADA Ramps are warranted for 5 years. 2BY2 Industries warrants the following: Structural integrity of the border timbers and ADA Ramps. Exclusions: Damages or product failure due to vandalism, abnormal weather conditions and/ or improper use or installation. Warranty period begins upon delivery to customer. All claims must be made, in writing, accompanied by a picture of the damaged product and copy of the original 2BY2 Industries invoice. All warranty correspondence should be emailed to