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The Benefits of Rope Play

The Benefits of Rope Play

Posted by Cristen on 23rd Feb 2017

The Benefits of Rope PlayWe are excited to announce that we have picked up a new line of rope climbing equipment! Our new line, NetPlay, offers rope soft enough for little hands, while offering extreme durability. Products such as rope bridges, climbing ropes, and other rope netting products that can be integrated into our equipment. Not only are we pleased to offer a fresh and new product offering, we also think it is important to note that rope play is important to a child's development and helps with inclusive play. Inclusive play is when the bridge between children with special needs and mainstream children is closed, therefore making it easy for them to play together on the same equipment.

One of the most important things rope play equipment offers is a little something for everyone, allowing children of varying abilities to enjoy it. Rope play certainly closes the gap between mainstream and disabled children, enhancing both mental and physical development in children of all abilities.

During rope play children must focus and use a greater degree of self-control while climbing, instinctively reacting to each movement while they make decisions about which rope to grab next. They must do all of these things while also challenging their own motor skills.

Rope play for children with disabilities can offer a simple challenge for them to climb to a spot where they are comfortable, and feel the movement of the rope as other children climb around them. This situation makes it possible for disabled children to feel included with the other children.

Along with the benefits of rope play mentioned above, there are many other benefits, some of them including:

  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Muscle development
  • Cognitive problem solving

If your neighborhood, city, or school is interested in incorporating rope play into a playground, contact Noah’s Park and Playgrounds. We can also help with the design of a new playground, taking you from start to finish with the help of our bid proposals, many purchase optionsinstallation, and financing. We are even happy to lend a helping hand with fundraising!