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Imbarimba Outdoor Instrument

ships in 4-6 weeks
Unit Size:
2.6' x 3.6'
Imbarimba is beautiful and sounds great too!
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The Freenotes Harmony™ Park instruments are a smart choice for any campus, park, or outdoor venue setting. Parks and places such as metro river walks, resorts or any public park settings, are ideal locations for outdoor instruments. If music truly is the universal language, outdoor music parks have universal appeal.

The Imbarimba is a unique musical design combining the Elements of two African instruments, the marimba and kalimba. The notes are arranged in the layout of the kalimba. This allows both hands equal access to the upper and lower notes. Coated fiberglass bars are entirely weatherproof and withstand hard use and the elements. 

Features of Imbarimba:

  • FREE SHIPPING available for to the 48 contiguous states. If you are outside of the United States, please call our offices at (877) 248-5444 or email us for an accurate freight quote.
  • Emits (22) earthy, percussive on its Coated fiberglass bars (entirely weatherproof)
  • 2 posts for easy installation
  • The Imbarimba is the larger version of the Weenotes Piper 
  • All-inclusive when installed at ADA proper heights, and with use of ADA-accessible safety surfaces
  • Recycled plastic frame with 2 mallets (can order extra mallets)
  • Instrument frame is scratch resistant coating
  • Colors as shown: Yellow Spacers 

Benefits of outdoor music parks or playgrounds:

  • Easy to play, inspiring all ages and abilities
  • No tuning needed for easy maintenance
  • Playing or listening to music can relieve stress
  • Transcends age, gender, language, cultural
  • Enhances outdoor spaces with beautiful sounds and sharp designs
  • Attracts more visitors to outdoor venues such as festivals, river walks, parks

Listen to the Imbarimba- Video:

FHP Outdoor Musical Instruments are designed for durability and playability. To the highest degree possible, FHP manufacturers their products to withstand all types of normal weather conditions and normal frequent play. The instruments are designed to not need re-tuning and enjoyed by all, any age or ability. All Freenotes Harmony Park (“FHP”) instruments will be built to our documented procedures and with the highest quality. The FHP warranty provides that our products will be free of defects in manufacturing and material. Warranty begins on date of shipment. If any failures in manufacturing or materials occur within the applicable warranty period, FHP will provide replacement parts or products as determined by FHP within 30 days after written notification. All FHP products carry a 5-year limited warranty on all standard/stock instruments and posts. All custom instruments and posts carry a 90 day warranty. This warranty is valid for purchases on or after January 1, 2016. This warranty is valid only if the mounting/assembly and ground/foundation works are carried out as described in the Installation Instructions of your FHP products and maintained according to the maintenance instructions provided by FHP. For all warranty issues it is the responsibility of the customer to cover all shipping costs, when necessary, for warranty items. FHP will not be responsible for providing labor or labor costs for the replacement of products or parts. All replacement parts or products will be covered for the duration of the original warranty. All products must be inspected immediately upon arrival. It is your responsibility to note any shipping damage on all copies of shipping paperwork. You must report any damage within 48 hours to Freenotes Harmony Park or to your FHP distributor. Damage not reported within this time frame cannot be covered under warranty. FHP cannot warrant against: Theft, vandalism, misuse, negligence or accident. Scratches on paint, aluminum, or any finishes. Cosmetic issues or wear and tear from normal use.

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